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Jun 13, 2018

Just wanted to say thanks for hitting 50 percent funded on by doing a 50 bar freestyle! 

appreciate yall.. 


they used to state i was acting black 
cause I had a starter cap and a backpack full of raps 
I got mad till i had the fact 
realized I was just a guest in the house of rap 
i been down since the cabbage patch
but when I come around they used to clown now cuz i was wack  
I bust a verse and they stop and laugh 
work twice as hard but seem to go half as fast
and if you don’t know what Im meaning  
i used to rock the open mic like every single weekend 
sneak in hoping they thinking I'm puerto rican

but they boo me off the stage right there before i started speaking 
dang man I got dissed again 
seems like Im never fitting in nobody listening 
white boy floridian christ now from michigan 
could anyone else in a worse type of predicament 
sick of it then it just crashed 
cause when i say five two they like whats that 
rush past they stop like a bus pass 
then stare at me like Im a cyclops w/ a mustache
sometimes I wanna bust back
but if I trust in God then I gotta learn to trust that 
fun fact  he in control and I love that  
and I might be old school but i never ever cut class 
i aint trying to get ya sympathy 
cause where im trying to go well im get there eventually 
 rap things will never be my identity 
and so keep the trinity close in my vicinity 
plus you really must be kidding me 
I aint going nowhere I am still here physically 
100 shows a year that aint a mystery 
stop posting on my timeline that you missing me 
ya dissing me i aint listening
you aint even innocent you love to be ignorant 
ya dirty mouth needs some listerine  
plus you ought to gargle up now w/ a mr clean
its been the same since i hit the scene 
it aint about the money or the fame that they give to me
but you focus on the little things
like who’s the dopest but my hope is in only king 
they don’t know what I had bring 
but work like Jordan in 94 trying to get the ring 
so you better eat your spinach 
cause i aint even old Im just so vintage 
plus you better know the difference  
your crews finished right there before i spit two sentences 
good riddance ya whole flow is too timid  
3 minutes of fame ya down now to two minutes 
plus I gotta stick the groove in it 
and thats 50 bars right there so tell me whos with it